Alabama Knife Laws


The long and short of it is that it looks like Alabama is fine with all kinds of knives except for Bowie knives.  You absolutely cannot carry Bowie knives under Alabama law, although it appears that Alabama doesn’t interfere with knives that aren’t Bowie knives.  You also cannot carry knives in schools.  However, Alabama has no real restrictions on knives, just the way they’re carried.  The exception is Montgomery, which limits the blades you can carry to 3″.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in Alabama?

All knives are legal within Alabama law so long as they aren’t concealed.  Regarding concealment, only Bowie knives are illegal if concealed.  Everything else from neck knives to pocket knives to butterfly knives are perfectly legal regardless of how you carry them.

  • All knives can be carried openly
  • All knives except for Bowie knives and other large knives can be carried concealed.

What's Considered Illegal in Alabama?

  • Bowie knives and knives of “like kind and description” may not be carried concealed.
  • Bowie knives and knives of “like kind and description” may not be sold or transferred to someone under 18 years of age.
  • Weapons are not permitted on school property.
  • Montgomery has a 3″ blade limitation.

What Does All of This Mean?

Alabama has fairly relaxed knife laws with only the city of Montgomery placing limitations on blade length.

However, Bowie knives and those of ‘like kind and description’ may be neither carried nor concealed.  We consider that to mean machetes and other similar blades would fall under the category of being illegal.

You may also not carry weapons, including knives, onto school property nor give or sell Bowie knives and similar to anyone under the age of 18

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