Arizona Knife Laws


If you live in Arizona, you’re lucky to have some of the most lenient knife laws in the United States of America!  You can own any kind of blade you want and conceal and carry it as long as you’re over 21.  There are also no municipal laws, so you won’t have to worry about being stopped by police because the knife that’s totally legal in your hometown isn’t in the town you’re visiting.

Exceptions include schools and polling places.  Don’t bring your knives there and you’re good to go.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in Arizona?

All of them.  All blades are legal in Arizona and you won’t have trouble carrying them so long as you don’t use them to commit a crime, enter school property, and head to a polling station.  You can conceal carry all blades once over the age of 21, and if you’re younger than that, you can still conceal carry pocket knives.

What Kinds of Knives are Illegal in Arizona?

All knives and blades are legal in Arizona, even if some of them are considered deadly weapons under state law.  Deadly weapons are defined by Arizona as anything design with intent to kill, which probably means switchblades.  Even so, those are still perfectly legal to carry.  There are some restrictions as to where you can carry them, though.

  • Don’t bring blades onto school property.
  • Don’t arm yourself and head to a polling station.
  • Don’t conceal carry anything other than a pocket knife if you’re younger than 21 years old.
  • Don’t sell anything outside of pocket knives to persons under 21.

Relevant Statutes

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