Arkansas Knife Laws


Arkansas used to have fairly archaic knife laws, but those have thankfully been repealed. All blades are legal in this state now, so long as you agree not to use the knives as weapons or to commit a crime.  Of course, you can’t bring your knife onto school property.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in Arkansas?

Everything!  Bowie knives, balisongs, switchblades, gravity knives – everything is legal to own in Arkansas.  Concealment isn’t an issue, either.  The only thing that matters to the law in Arkansas is the intent to use the knife in a criminal manner.

What Kind of Knives are Illegal in Arkansas?

There are no illegal blades in Arkansas.  That being said, there are some rules to follow, though they aren’t oppressive rules like some states have.

  • Don’t use your knife to commit crimes.
  • Don’t carry your knife to school.
  • Don’t furnish a knife to a minor or to an incarcerated person.

Relevant Statutes

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