Hawaii Knife Laws


Hawaii is a great state with natural beauty – a prime destination spot for people the world over.  It does have some rather strange laws regarding the owning and carrying of knives, however.

The first thing to know is that both switchblades and balisong (butterfly) knives are illegal to own.  You cannot have them at all.

Also, dangerous weapons cannot be carried either openly or concealed.  The definition for ‘dangerous weapon’ seems a little vague, but it definitely includes daggers and dirks.  It likely also includes metal knuckles.  Not only are you not allowed to carry them openly, you cannot have them even in your vehicle.

Any person, not authorized by law, who carries concealed upon the person’s self or within any vehicle used or occupied by the person or who is found armed with any dirk, dagger, . . . or other deadly or dangerous weapon shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and may be immediately arrested without warrant by any sheriff, police officer, or other officer or person.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in Hawaii

Most knives are legal to own in Hawaii, even if you aren’t allowed to carry them.  This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Gravity knives
  • Bowie knives
  • Daggers
  • Stilettos
  • Disguised knives
  • Throwing knives
  • Undetectable knives

What Kinds of Knives are Illegal in Hawaii

There are knives that are illegal to own in Hawaii and also restrictions on carrying knives.

  • It’s illegal to own switchblades
  • It’s illegal to own butterfly knives
  • You cannot carry ‘dangerous weapons’ either concealed or openly
  • You cannot bring knives onto school property

No exemptions to these laws exist for members of the military.

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