Maine Knife Laws


Maine is a little bit stricter with its knife policies than most states, but only when it comes to carrying them.  You can own any knife you wish, but you cannot carry knives classified as dangerous weapons.  According to Maine law, a dangerous weapon is anything used primarily to harm others.  In the land knives, this means daggers, dirks, stilettos, Bowie knives, and other blades that don’t serve a more peaceful purpose.

What Kinves are Legal in Maine?

All knives are legal to own in Maine and any knife can be carried openly.  Most knives can be carried concealed, just not those considered dangerous weapons.  Under Maine law, this means automatic knives can be conceal carried.

  • All knives are legal to possess
  • All knives may be carried openly
  • All knives that aren’t used primarily to harm others can be carried in a concealed fashion (this doesn’t include automatic knives)

What Kinds of Knives are Illegal in Maine?

You can own any type of knife in Maine, however, there are some restrictions on carrying them.

  • You cannot carry dangerous weapons concealed (daggers, dirks, Bowie, etc.)
  • You cannot brandish a knife in a threatening manner
  • You cannot bring your knife to school

Some cities in Maine may have their own ordinances, so be sure to check local laws before taking your knife outside your home.

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