Montana Knife Laws


Montana is one of my favorite states.  Natural beauty, sane politics (IMO)… but what about their knife laws?  Well, aside from the usual bit about not allowing knives in schools (and even then, they only forbid carrying knives 4″ or longer into schools), Montana doesn’t really have any knife restrictions.  You can own any knife you please and carry it however you like.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in Montana?

All knives are legal and you can carry them how you please.  Usually, this section ends with a bunch of restrictions on carrying, but Montana is very friendly to knife owners.

This means that switchblades, stilettos, dirks, daggers, Bowies, balisongs, undetectable knives, disguised – all of these knives are legal in Montana.

What Kinds of Knives are Illegal in Montana?

No knives are forbidden and no method of carrying is off-limits for any knife.  That said, you cannot bring anything with a blade of 4″ or more to school.

Moreover, there aren’t really any local laws to be concerned about.  Montana law states that local governments can restrict the possession of knives on any property owned or leased by a government entity, but it can’t go further than that and restrict knives throughout the entire city.

Relevant Statutes

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