Nevada Knife Laws


Although right next to California, Nevada’s knife laws are far less restrictive.  In fact, they were further relaxed in 2015, so if you read otherwise, make sure the source is up-to-date or go directly to the government’s site yourself.

Anyway, all knives are legal in Nevada nowadays.  There are no restrictions on the sale or transfer of knives, there are only restrictions on the concealed-carrying of machetes.  That being said, check your local laws because certain cities may have some restrictions against knives.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in Nevada?

All of them are legal, including switchblades and automatic knives.  The law was relaxed in 2015 and the outdated laws were repealed or amended.

  • You can own any knife, including switchblades, Bowie knives, OTF knives, gravity knives, butterfly knives, etc.
  • You can carry any knife either openly or concealed, the exception being machetes

What Kinds of Knives are Illegal in Nevada?

There are no laws restricting the types of knives you can own.  Only machetes have regulations against conceal-carrying them, and there are few other restrictions.

  • You cannot conceal-carry a machete
  • You cannot bring your knife to school
  • You cannot brandish a knife in a threatening manner (self-defense excluded) when in the presence of two or more people

Relevant Statutes

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