Rhode Island Knife Laws


Rhode Island doesn’t have the worst knife laws in the USA.  All knives are legal, provided you don’t use them in an unlawful way.  It does have quite a few restrictions on carrying, though.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in Rhode Island?

There are no restrictions on the kinds of knives you can own, however, there are restrictions on the carrying of knives.

  • You can own any type of knife, including switchblades and Bowie knives
  • It is legal to open-carry any type of knife
  • It is legal to conceal-carry any knife with a blade less than 3″

What Kinds of Knives are Illegal in Rhode Island?

While it’s legal to own any type of knife in Rhode Island, there are a number of restrictions regarding concealed-carrying of them.

  • You cannot conceal-carry a stabbing knife (dirks, daggers, stilettos)
  • You cannot conceal-carry a sword cane
  • You cannot conceal-carry a Bowie knife
  • You cannot conceal-carry anything with a blade of more than 3″
  • You cannot sell anything with a blade more than 3″ to a minor without written consent from his/her parent or guardian
  • You cannot bring your knife to school

Check local ordinances for further restrictions.

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