South Dakota Knife Laws


South Dakota has easy-to-understand laws and very friendly knife laws.  This is an excellent state for knife owners!  You can own any type of knife you want and carry it however you want, so long as you don’t commit a felony offense with it.  There are some cities that have their own laws on the matter, though, so check your local laws to see if there are restrictions.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in South Dakota?

There are no prohibited or restricted knives in South Dakota, which means you can own anything from an ordinary pocket knife to a Bowie knife to a switchblade.  There are also no statewide restrictions regarding the carrying of knives.  You can carry them openly or concealed, so long as you commit no felonies.

What Kinds of Knives are Illegal in South Dakota?

There are no knives that are illegal and you can carry them however you want.  The only restriction is that you cannot bring them into a school or courthouse.

There are also cities that have their own local laws, so be sure to check before you purchase a knife or bring one with you to a city you’re visiting.

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