Tennessee Knife Laws


Tennessee is really excellent in terms of knife laws.  As of 2014, there are no restricted knives in Tennessee, meaning you can own whatever you want and you can even carry it however you want.  Moreover, you don’t have to constantly check city laws to see if there are local ordinances against the ownership or carrying of certain knives.  The only restriction is that you cannot bring knives onto school property.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in Tennessee?

Tennessee is great!  You can own any knife you want and carry it how you want.

  • There are no prohibited knives in Tennessee, so you can own anything, including switchblades as of 2014
  • You can carry your knife both concealed and out in the open so long as you don’t have malicious intent (you probably shouldn’t say ‘self-defense’ if asked about it)

What Kinds of Knives are Illegal in Tennessee?

In 2014, the archaic laws surrounding switchblades were finally fixed.  Thanks to that, there are no restricted or prohibited knives in Tennessee.  You can carry them how you want, and there are no local laws to worry about.  That said:

  • You cannot bring your knife to school

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