Virginia Knife Laws


Virginia is one of those states that doesn’t restrict what kinds of knives can be owned, but it does heavily restrict what can be concealed-carried.  The funny thing is that Virginia doesn’t have a law against ballistic knives, but it has a law against selling them, giving them, or bartering them within the state of Virginia.

What Kinds of Knives are Legal in Virginia?

Virginia doesn’t actually restrict the ownership of any kind of knife, just its carrying.  This means that you can own anything from pocket knives to switchblades and ballistic knives.  However, you can only carry one of those three examples in a concealed manner.

  • You can own any kind of knife
  • You can openly carry any kind of knife
  • You can conceal-carry any kind of knife that isn’t listed in the illegal stuff below

What Kinds of Knives are Illegal in Virginia?

Virginia doesn’t prohibit any knives, but it does restrict the carrying of knives, especially concealed ones.

  • You cannot conceal-carry a dirk, switchblade, machete, Bowie knife, razor, ballistic knife, oriental dart, or any knife of like kind
  • You cannot sell, barter, or give ballistic knives
  • You cannot bring a knife that isn’t a pocket knife with a blade of less than 3″ to school
  • Don’t bring knives to places of worship, airports, or courthouses
  • You cannot wield a knife in a threatening manner

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