9 Best Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army Knife, SAK

My first knife was a Swiss Army Knife (SAK) when I was 11 years old.  I think people thought I wanted to be Macgyver, but I actually wanted to be like Cody from The Rescuers Down Under.  Cody had a pocket knife, and I thought that was the coolest thing I’d ever seen.  I asked my … Read more

FantastiCAR 15-in-1 Multi-Tool Review

FantastiCAR Swiss Army Knife

Never heard of FanastiCAR multitools?  I hadn’t either until my wife’s cousin’s kid wanted one like her brothers.  Her brothers wanted their knives more for the novelty than anything else, and their parents suspected their daughter just wanted one for the sake of having one, so when Sam went on a mission to find something … Read more

Elk Ridge ER120 Folding Knife

The Elk Ridge series of knives by Master Cutlery is a decent line of knives.  I actually was gifted this knife, as I don’t normally go for pink, and didn’t expect much of it.  I was wrong.  The Elk Ridge ER120 is a nifty little EDC knife and is perfect for women looking for a … Read more