The Best Survival Knife for Any Emergency?

Emergency Survival Knife

I suspect this will be a somewhat controversial post because it deals with uncovering the best survival knives.  Let’s face it, when talking about which knife or knives you’d entrust your life or the lives of your loved ones to, emotions run high and people tend to wonder why x knife wasn’t on the list. … Read more

Combat Roundup: Books and DVDs About Knife Fighting

If you’re looking to dedicate yourself to a system, then please see this page on the Seven Best Knife Fighting and Defense Systems.  However, if you’re looking for information about defending yourself against knife attacks or violent encounters in general, then this is the page for you.  These are more about methods than combat systems, … Read more

7 Best Systems for Knife Fighting and Knife Defense

Knife Fighting Systems

I’ve already written about how knives are terrible weapons to carry for self-defense here, but there will always be people who insist on carrying a knife for self-defense.  If you’re going to do it against all good advice, then you should at least know how to handle yourself.  Unlike pepper spray, a knife is useless … Read more